Regional Trading Board Act

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The Regional Trading Board Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Regional Trading Board -Recognising that smaller producers are most effected by unfair trade due to the "middleman".

-Recognising also the impracticality or the inability of smaller producers to function without a "middleman".

Proposes that: -A regional institution be created with branches in member nations of the region, this institution will act as a "fair middleman" for smaller producers by finding for them the fairest deals for their products. The main goal of this institute will be the promotion of the growth and survival of these small producers in a competitive Global Market as well as providing advertisement for these producers who otherwise wouldn't be capable of individually, the membership of the small producers in this institution will be voluntary.

However, Two things must be determined by parliament: 1-The definition of a "Fair deal" 2-The definition of a "Small producer"

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